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  Key Terms and Places Key Terms
Lesson 1 What is Wales' Weather? Images - PowerPoint
  What is Wales' Weather Checklist
  What is Wales' Climate - whole class activity Climate Graph
  What is Wales' Climate? paired activity Climate Graph (credit : to SLN)
Lesson 2 Elements of the Weather PowerPoint
  Elements of the Weather Images
  Elements of the Weather Word sheet
  Weather Features Worksheet
Lesson 3 How rain is caused Notesheet
  How rain is caused Hot Potato - Mix and Match
Lesson 4 Distribution of rainfall in U.K. Worksheet
  Relief Rainfall Worksheet
Lesson 5 Britain's climate PowerPoint
Lesson 6 Water Cycle - Bill Nye Video
  Water Cycle - diagram Diagram / Labels
  Water Cycle - Words Word Game
Lesson 7 The Water Cycle PowerPoint
  The Water Cycle - dominoes Dominoes game
Homework Assignment Journey of a raindrop Assignment / ICT lesson
Lesson 8 The Drainage Basin Diagram
  Drainage Basin PowerPoint
  Drainage Basin Worksheet